Betting on one’s cards, sometimes a blind bet starts the game of Poker. It is a game of guess & gamble, a game of luck & leisure and of winning & losing with every hand (round). It has straight rules: A player bets on the strength of the combination of cards he has, every player has to bet equal or above the minimum bet which starts the game. The ones who have a weak combination can back out without betting. The stronger set holders continue the round and try to raise the best value. The round continues till the last player shows his cards and wins the total bet value. It is even available on the internet through online casino sbobet mobile in Indonesia and many other countries.

What is Poker?

Poker is a universal game having local names in various corners of the world. Now, they are also available online, which increases its mass base, popularity and of course the prize value. But, since it seems like the game of chance, it comes under the Public Gambling Act of 1867 in India and therefore is illegal. At the same time, if we actually go by the constitution of India, Gambling/Game of skills comes under the state list i.e. it is the responsibility of the state government to make laws regarding the subject. Karnataka Government once ruled that Poker is a game of skills is permitted and no license is required for conducting/ playing it. Several other states grant a license for the clubs organizing such games. So certainly, the debate here is that whether Poker is a game of skill or a game of chance/gamble. Since ages, the game is being played in India by a diverse set of players. It is “Teen Patti” in villages, you can find groups of men under the tree, behind the temples, in fairs and especially in Diwali nights, sitting their legs folded in a compact circle and no one can see what is happening inside it. In urban, we have big clubhouses with membership packages offering a good platform for the get together of the riches. These fancy clubs organize the game of skills and make a great business. The game is a leisure activity for the well-off, get together for the upper middle class and a source of earning for the lower middle class and poor.

Benefits of Poker

The game of skills is more about psychology. Even when you have a weak combination you still have the chance to gamble your luck. Your confidence can make other players doubt on their cards and they may back out. The strongest hand is Royal flush i.e. ace, king, queen, jack and 10 of the same suit. Then straight flush, four of a kind, full house and flush are of decreasing strengths.

Poker is fun until the bet (for you) is not as much as Draupadi in the epic Mahabharata. Every time you win, you want to play more, win more. Every time you lose, you want to play the next hand to cover the loss. The game discovers your capacity, even if you think you don’t possess it.